A pet food tax hike?? WOW

You can’t make it up.

The Maine House Democrats just passed a pet food tax hike.

They did this despite the fact that just about everything is ridiculously expensive right now, in part because of Democrat policies.

“Inflation is at record highs and Mainers are struggling, so it’s really heartless that Augusta Democrats have voted to make it more expensive to have a family pet,” Jason Savage, executive director of the Maine Republican Party said. “There are many Maine families for whom their pet serves as a rare bright spot during a tough day. Yet Democrats want to make owning a pet more expensive. Mainers should vote to stop this callousness in November by supporting Republican legislative candidates.”

The bill, an amended version of LD 1744, would hike up the cost of selling pet food in the state. That means Mainers will pay more to feed their pets.


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