Maine Gas Car & Truck Ban – Sign Here To Oppose

We are facing a genuine crisis this week. 

Can’t believe I’m writing this, but the state government is actually considering a plan that would FORCE just about every Mainer to buy an electric vehicle.

This isn’t a joke. Or a false alarm.

This is real, and it’s happening to you.

If you don’t weigh in, you could find yourself in an unreliable, expensive electric hunk of junk soon.

We’re asking Maine’s working and middle class to RISE UP — make your voice heard loud and clear!

Here’s what you can do: Please scroll down and sign our petition below.

We’re going to do everything we can to stop this, but we need your signature NOW.

Thank you for helping us to defend Mainers from this expensive, immoral plan.

Maine Can’t Afford California-Style Gas Car & Truck Bans

By signing you are indicating your opposition to Maine rule-making efforts to require Maine to follow radical California-style restrictions on the sale of gas powered cars and trucks.

We may use this to contact you about this issue or other similar issues that affect Maine in the future.
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