Republican Wins Swing Maine Special Election!

Everyone – making sure you saw the huge news last night. Past Democrat special election wins have been thoroughly covered, so we want to make sure you have the opportunity to do the same.

Maine Republican Abden Simmons has won the special election for Maine House District 45. HD 45 is a true swing district: Republicans have a small advantage in voter registration, and the district has been represented by Democrats and left-leaning Independent recently.

Please see the following quote from Maine Republican Party Chairman Joel Stetkis:

“Congratulations to longtime Maine fisherman Abden Simmons on his election — this is massive news for Maine. His deep community roots and staunch advocacy for this district’s way of life clearly resonated with voters. We’ve said from the beginning that Maine Republicans are putting together a reinvigorated, bottom up, grassroots team effort and I want to thank our volunteers and local party chairs because this was a great example of everyone working together for a common goal. Abden and the Republican team were great, but I’ll also point out that Joe Biden, Janet Mills, Troy Jackson, and Rachel Talbot Ross have made consistent headlines in recent months for proposing and supporting far, far left wing policies. Mainers in this battleground district today said ENOUGH. Enough of the spending increases, enough of the extreme left-wing agenda in Augusta, enough of the broken promises. And they picked Abden Simmons to deliver this message.”
For more information about Rep.-Elect Simmons, here’s his website.



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