Reagan Paul: What they’re hiding

My name is Reagan Paul. It’s my honor to represent the wonderful Winterport area in the Maine House of Representatives.

I’m writing today to confirm something you probably already know:

According to newly leaked text messages from senior party leaders, the Democrats in Augusta probably do not like you.

That’s right: if you’re an “older white guy,” your viewpoint is dismissed.

And if you’re a woman who disagrees with the horrifying, unpopular new late-term abortion bill, your concerns are “fake tears.”

Just take a look at this Bangor Daily News story about senior Democrats showing their true colors in private:

Just remember: this is what these elitist Augusta Democrats think about you if you disagree with them.

I’m simply writing to make sure you knew about this. I want you to know that you are empowered to help people with better character, with more enlightened viewpoints, get elected.

I’ll be working hard to help Maine Republicans get elected in 2024 and I’m asking you to join me.

Whether you volunteer, or contribute campaign funds, or simply pray, please know that your efforts are worth it.

Don’t let those who look down on you rule over you.



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