Maine GOP Statement on Lewiston Shooting & Politics

Following is a statement from Maine GOP Chairman Hon. Joel Stetkis:

“It has been our intention to remain quiet in the aftermath of the horrific shooting in Lewiston to allow public safety officials and leaders to communicate to the public with as little message pollution as possible. Our hearts are with the people of the Lewiston region and all those affected by this senseless violence. We urge all who read this message to come together with neighbors, friends, family and community to put aside your differences to care for one another as only Mainers can do.

With that said, it is clear that many politicians are seeking to capitalize on this tragedy by pushing for radical changes to Maine laws.

Let me be clear: if someone tries to force a ‘solution’ on you before you have even been able to determine the root of the problem, they are supporting their agenda, not your agenda. The crop of politicians pushing for gun bans in Maine right now, such as Jared Golden, have barely mentioned our failed mental health system and policies!

But, there is much yet we do not know. 

Clearly, the largest failure here is in our mental health system. Yet while Maine grieves and law enforcement hunts a killer with recent and well-documented mental health problems, politics are being played.

We will not play politics as this tragedy unfolds and families and communities grieve. But when the time comes to defend the inalienable rights of the people of Maine, we will be ready.”



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