Hon. Joel Stetkis Elected Maine GOP Chair

AUGUSTA – The Maine Republican Party on Saturday, January 28, elected a new state party chair to lead the party in the coming election cycle.

“I’m honored and humbled to receive such strong support from the members of the state committee,” said Hon. Joel Stetkis, a builder from Canaan who recently finished serving four consecutive terms in the Maine House.

Stetkis’ involvement in Maine Republican Politics extends back nearly two decades, as a grassroots member of the party who rose to serve as Assistant Republican Leader and a voice for hardworking Mainers and their families.

“On day one, we are getting to work, with the well-being of Maine’s working people as our top priority and the best intentions of Maine’s grassroots Republicans near and dear to our hearts. This is a new day for Maine Republicans. Electing waves of Republicans at the local level and growing our party with an eye to the future begins now. Working to bring together our grassroots, elected officials and state committee in one united effort to restore a brighter more prosperous future for all of Maine.”

Stetkis also took aim at Governor Janet Mills’ destructive agenda.

“As a legislator, I witnessed firsthand the destruction Janet Mills’ progressive agenda is doing on Maine people. Our primary policy objective right now has to be putting the brakes on the destruction and moving Maine to a place of commonsense conservative policy. I am calling on all Maine people who care about this state’s future to join us.”

Hon. Joel Stetkis with his wife Denise.



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