Petition: Tell Joe Biden To Unleash American Energy Production

Sign the petition below and join the thousands of Mainers speaking up and demanding Biden unleash American energy production!

Joe Biden,

Here in Maine, our gas and oil prices are outrageously high in part due to your failed policies and restrictions to appease your political allies.

Please immediately maximize American oil and natural gas production. We can’t afford to pay what we’re paying now, and experts are saying that prices will likely rise.

Maine families are hurting and just trying to get to work and keep their homes warm.

We also can’t afford to have our oil and gas supply chain stuck in Russia, Venezuela, or other anti-American dictatorships.

That’s why we need increased American production. We need to control our own economic destiny, and we have the resources to do so. 

Now we need you to look at the reality of this situation: many working and middle class people are having a hard time making ends meet because of your decisions. Now you need to act.


Paid for and Authorized by the Maine Republican Party.
9 Higgins Street, Augusta, ME 04330 Ben Lombard, Treasurer