Senator King Likens Obamacare Repeal to Blowing Up an Apartment Building

AUGUSTA- This morning Senator Angus King spoke with WCSH6 on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Using frightening hyperbole that draws comparisons to a terrorist attack, he said, “It’s like if you have a big apartment building, with a whole bunch of families, 30 million, just to pick a number. And you say, ‘we’re going to change your living accommodations, but first we’re going to blow up the building.’”

In Maine the media has reported that 80% of single Obamacare enrollees are “insured” by just one company — a company that is losing tens of millions of dollars yearly. This, combined with exorbitant premiums and unrealistic deductibles, has Americans saying ‘enough is enough’ and pushing for their Members of Congress to repeal the failed healthcare experiment.The problem is clear: The Affordable Care Act doesn’t work. It is not working, and it is not sustainable. Further, the Obamacare mandate to purchase costly health care or pay a fine is absolutely out of line with American values.

Sadly, Senator King appears to be out of touch with negative impacts Obamacare is having on Maine people, instead suggesting the repeal is an effort of personal malice against the outgoing President  by Republicans to “get Obama’s name out of the law…”

Maine Republican Party Chairman Rick Bennett said:  “It is a sad state of affairs when a U.S. Senator is so deluded by partisan politics that he cannot see the very real problems facing millions of Americans and cavalierly dismisses the failings of the so-called Affordable Care Act, a law that is proving to be anything but affordable for Maine businesses and individuals.

“It should be beneath Senator King to engage in this facile rhetoric and fear-mongering. As a self-described ‘Independent’ it is a shame that Senator King is abandoning common sense to partisan talking points. I encourage the Senator to make an actual effort to be independent and take a good hard look at the facts and what can be done to fix health insurance for Maine people.”


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