Democrats are putting politics ahead of middle class tax relief

AUGUSTA – Today, Maine Republican Party executive director Jason Savage released the following statement on the Maine Democratic Party’s placing politics over policy when it comes to providing tax relief to Maine’s middle class and small businesses. 

“In a Facebook post today, the Maine Democratic Party revealed its true colors yet again, offering only ‘no, no, no’ to badly needed middle class and small business tax relief while offering no constructive solutions of its own. 

It doesn’t matter how many times Democrat politicians like Chellie Pingree and her political party say it, the fact of the matter is Republicans are working toward tax relief for middle class Americans and the small businesses that create most of America’s and Maine’s new jobs. 

The real questions are, ‘Why do Democrats want to keep tax loopholes for the politically connected? Why didn’t they get rid of them when they were in power? Why aren’t they trying to work with, instead of against, Republicans now?’ 

Republicans are working night and day to find a way to get rid of tax loopholes so that hard-working Americans can get a badly needed break. If the Maine Democratic Party wants to be taken seriously and be helpful, it must reject its national ‘Party of No’ status and start actually working for our people.” 

Click here to read the Politico article titled, ‘Middle class biggest winners in Senate tax plan, study says’


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