Statement on Speaker Gideon’s Outrageous Comments

April 19, 2018

AUGUSTA – Today, following Maine Speaker of the House Sara Gideon’s calling Maine Republicans, including Republican Leader Ken Fredette and Governor LePage terrorists, Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage is responding:

“Wow, we are shocked and embarrassed Speaker Gideon has sunk the Maine House of Representatives to this new low. Speaker Gideon has had months in Augusta to get the people’s work done and is now lashing out at Republicans for a clear failure of leadership in the House last night. 

For months, Speaker Gideon has had House members ‘doing nothing’ at taxpayer expense and now is trying to blame Republicans for obeying the law that says when session ends.

We expect things like this to come out of San Francisco from Nancy Pelosi, but not in Augusta, Maine from Speaker Gideon.

This is Exhibit A in why we must ensure Speaker Gideon is replaced in the next legislative session.”

Speaker Gideon’s comments calling Republicans terrorists occurred today during a Democrat press availability defending her failure to complete the House of Representatives’ work before the legal deadline of midnight last night.


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