Chris Glynn, former staffer for Sara Gideon, authored sexist, profane tweets that remained public through his tenure with Democratic elected officials

AUGUSTA – The Maine GOP today is calling on Speaker of the House Sara Gideon to denounce the offensive statements made by longtime Democratic staffer Chris Glynn, after a series of his tweets were released. The tweets show Glynn, a former Gideon spokesman and current spokesman for the left-wing dark money organization Maine Momentum, has a troubling history of profane, violent, and misogynist online comments.

Glynn has posted dozens of alarming tweets, over the span of years. Despite this shocking history of offensive public statements, Glynn was hired by an array of prominent Democratic elected officials and organizations, including Speaker of the House Sara Gideon, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, the Maine Democratic Party, and Maine Momentum.

In one example, Glynn referenced tennis star Venus Williams’ “ass”, commenting that he couldn’t tell if he was viewing the athlete’s backside because her shorts were “the same color as her skin.”

Glynn’s Twitter history is riddled with harsh and violent profanities, including one stating he’d like to “rip someone’s face off for no reason.” Other vulgar and inexplicable tweets from Glynn can be found here.

“Speaker Gideon should condemn these public comments immediately, and her attack group Maine Momentum needs to do the same. Letting these vicious and hateful tweets persist for literally years under her watch shows at best a cavalier attitude toward disrespectful statements about gender and race, and at worst a willingness to tolerate the most wretched behavior as long as it comes from her side of the aisle.” – MEGOP Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas.


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