Radical ties of Maine Dem lawmaker who threatened President Trump

Rep. Scott Hamann is a Democrat State Rep. from South Portland, Maine who recently made national news for his unhinged Facebook rant threatening President Donald Trump’s life. This post exposes his arrest by the Israeli government during his time working for a group with well-documented connections to terrorist organizations, and in his own words, his work with one of the radical leaders of the group.

What do the Maine Legislature and the well-known Middle Eastern terrorist group Hamas have in common?

Rep. Scott Hamann has spent long nights with both.

In 2010, the Maine media covered the story of a Mainer taken into custody by Israel for his participation in an effort to break through an Israeli blockade of Gaza which was in place to prevent Hamas from acquiring weapons that could be used in terrorist attacks on the people of Israel.

The Mainer taken into custody was none other than Scott Hamann.

Rep. Hamann defends his presence as a well-intended effort to deliver humanitarian aide to a region in need of supplies, but that is not the full truth:

1. Rep. Hamann was “hired” to film the efforts of IHH and the Free Gaza Movement in breaking a blockade that had been put in place by Israel to prevent terrorists in Gaza from acquiring more weapons. (Bangor Daily News 6/1/2010, “Hired” https://bangordailynews.com/2010/06/01/news/maine-filmmaker-detained-after-israeli-raid/

2. Rep. Hamann was on a ship whose only real “cargo” was leaders of the movement behind the blockade breaking attempt, a group known as the IHH, which has been widely reported on by the media as having ties with terror groups Hamas and al-Qaida. 

(Hamann public statement on “cargo” is in video link at bottom) 

(NBC News: IHH had terror ties http://www.nbcnews.com/id/37477182/ns/world_news-europe/t/turkish-aid-group-had-terror-ties/ ) 

(IHH lauds new Hamas terror group, Jerusalem Post, 8/16/2010 http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/IHH-lauds-new-Hamas-terror-group

(In 2010,  bipartisan group of 87 members of the United States Congress, including Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. John Kyl requested IHH be designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization http://thehill.com/images/stories/news/2010/PDFs/reidmcconnellisraelletter.pdf )

3. Statements made by Hamann’s family and himself after the fact demonstrate that Hamann was not merely hired as an impartial “filmmaker” but that he was a true believer in the cause. 

(Associated Press, 6/2/2010 “Hamann was documenting the event as a job, but also felt strongly about the purpose of the flotilla, Stuart said.”)

4. One key statement, where Hamann, on film in his own words, identifies and praises a key FGM/IHH organizer who he describes spending a long night with, and says is “very good” solidifies Hamann’s position.

In video, Hamann identified Huwaida Arraf as one of the five leaders he spent time with at sea.

Arraf is known to be a Hamas-connected operative, who penned a 2002 op-ed in the Palestinian Chronicle defending Hamas’ violence and who was a central figure in defending the terrorists in the Church of the Nativity.

(Palestinian Chronicle, Huwaida Arraf, 1/29/2002:

“In actuality, nonviolence is not enough… The Palestinian resistance must take on a variety of characteristics, – both nonviolence and violent. But most importantly it must develop a strategy involving both aspects. No other successful nonviolent movement was able to achieve what it did without a concurrent violence movement.“)

(Washington Post 4/21/2015 Is the International Solidarity Movement “pro-terrorist”? A response to Huwaida Arraf:

“Back in the ISM’s early days, during the second intifada, just a short time after Yasser Arafat had responded to Ehud Barak’s offer to “end the occupation” by initiating a war of terror against Israel, ISM activists tried to thwart Israeli military operations against terrorists, most famously by joining Arafat and his terrorist compatriots in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem during Israel’s siege in 2002.”)

Video of Hamann confirming his work with Arraf and statement about her can be found here:  https://youtu.be/aEd9-Fd_bL4

Photo of Hamann from PPH in custody of Israeli Navy is below.


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