Poliquin Votes to Increase Women’s Health Care Funding For The Second District

Members of the Press,

We just witnessed another example of Democrats falsely attacking Bruce Poliquin.
Congressman Poliquin’s vote clearly expands funding and access for women’s healthcare in Maine’s Second District, but to read the Democrat release and Emily Cain’s statements, you’d think it were exactly the opposite.

I may need to add a full time staff at Maine GOP HQ just to sit down and debunk all the falsehoods coming out of Maine Democratic Party HQ this cycle. Clearly they either have not learned, or they are doing it on purpose.

I hope you all get a chance to read the release below and ask Rachel Irwin, Chairman Phil Bartlett and Emily Cain why they want to deny healthcare funding and access to women across a huge part of Maine, in favor of selective funding to just a few sites that have certainly raised concerns with revelations about their abortion- I mean “healthcare”, practices.

And again, a reminder that Planned Parenthood has not have a single facility in Maine’s Second District. http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-center/ME/And this link will help you find all of the federally qualifying health centers eligible for funding under Congressman Poliquin’s vote: http://findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov/#

NOW…Here is what Planned Parenthood offers across the district:

Further, the clinics that will receive this funding will provide more comprehensive services than Planned Parenthood does.

​It is wrong for Cain and the Dems to play politics with this. And the way they are doing it is flat out dishonest.

Maybe they are all very confused about what district Emily Cain is running in.

All the best,

Jason Savage


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