Maine GOP Statement on Radical Day At Democrat Convention

May 19, 2018

AUGUSTA – Today, Maine Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage issued the following statement on the radical candidates and policies the Maine Democratic Party is considering at their convention this weekend: 

“From their platform to their roster of candidates, today we will see Maine Democrats embrace socialism and extremism as they make a boat load of promises they can’t afford and probably have no intention to keep. 

A party that lacked the courage even to put forward a workable plan to fund Medicaid expansion without raising taxes or depleting emergency budget funds clearly has no plan to pay for all the ‘free stuff’ they will promise today. It is just a show to win votes and gain power with empty promises.

What are they considering? Among other extreme and unworkable policies, Maine Democrats today are prioritizing spending more taxpayer money on state politician salaries and loosening their term limits. That’s right, the Democratic Party leaders want pay raises for politicians and to keep them in office longer.

On top of that, their platform says they want to make sure previous arrest and conviction records can’t be used to deny people jobs. This is not just out of touch, it is dangerous. 

Maine Republicans stand ready to defeat another round of Democrat candidates who would prefer Venezuelan socialism to the strong, healthy and historic economic growth Republicans have brought back to Maine. Maine is in a strong position. Today will show Democrats only want to take us backward.

The choice is clear: Republican advancement of freedom and economic growth, services for our truly vulnerable, and responsible use of taxpayer dollars versus the Democratic Party’s socialist agenda of debt, dysfunction and economic despair.”


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