Maine GOP Statement on First U.S. Senate Debate

“Tonight only served to highlight what we as Mainers already know: Sara Gideon is unfit to lead our state, let alone our nation.”

“Senator Susan Collins has shown unparalleled leadership whether it be through her unwavering bipartisanship, to drafting the Paycheck Protection Program which saved countless jobs and small businesses across our country.”
“When Mainers need a voice, Senator Collins speaks up. She speaks for our shipyard workers, our farmers, our fishermen. She speaks for Mainers for all Mainers from Kittery to Fort Kent.”

“From advocating to raise taxes, to supporting a candidate who embraces a Green New Deal that would leave families out in the cold, Sara Gideon doesn’t understand the needs of Mainers. How could she, being a transplant from Rhode Island?”

Kouzounas continued, “When Mainers needed leadership, Sara Gideon checked out. Senator Collins stepped up, not just for Maine, but for our entire nation. This is the leadership that Gideon can only dream of showing someday.”

“Tonight reaffirmed what Mainers always knew, Senator Susan Collins is the right person for the job.”



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