Maine GOP Statement On Democrats Vote Denying Maine People Voice On State Income Tax

Fearing another ballot box defeat, Democrats disenfranchise
hard-working Maine taxpayers

AUGUSTA – Maine GOP Chairman Rick Bennett released the following statement in reaction to Maine House Democrats voting against a referendum to allow the Maine people to vote on eliminating Maine’s income tax.

“Today, the Maine Democratic Party looked the hard-working people of Maine in the eyes and denied them a voice and a choice on one of the biggest issues of the day – how they will be taxed,” said Chairman Bennett.

“This is remarkably disappointing,” continued Mr. Bennett. “Hard-working Maine people foot the bill for these lawmakers’ choices, but Democrats don’t respect voters enough to allow them a voice in a statewide referendum.”

“I believe that Democrats realize their position is so wrong on this issue that they fear the Maine people will rebuke them at the ballot box, just as they rebuked the stale, failed Democrat message in the 2014 elections,” said Mr. Bennett. “By fighting to continue the stranglehold of this unpopular and oppressive tax, Democrats are demonstrating that they view Maine people as a cash-cow to fund the choices of Augusta politicians, not as honest, hard-working people who deserve their say on how their tax money is raised and spent.”

Chairman Bennett concluded by reminding Democrats that this issue will be decided by voters eventually. “There will be a day of reckoning. This vote shows clearly how out of step Democrats in the Legislature are with Maine taxpayers, and they will learn from Maine voters that such a position is indefensible,” said Mr. Bennett.


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