Maine GOP Statement On Cost Of Obamacare

Cost for Mainers Rose 55% Since 2013, Mainers Now Have Less Choice And A Higher Premium 

AUGUSTA- Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage issued the following statement today on the increasing cost of Obamacare premiums:

“Healthcare premiums in the last four years have gone through the roof under Obamacare. Yet stubborn Democrats continue to stand by the failed legislation. How can Maine Democrat Congresswoman Pingree and “Independent” Senator, Angus King, support a system that has driven premium costs up for our families by 55%? We continually see Congresswoman Pingree and Senator King speak out against Republicans, but they have little to say on how they plan to fix the rapid deterioration of government provided healthcare that is continuing to fail Mainers by providing less choice at a higher cost. 

“It’s time for these Maine representatives to do what’s best for Maine people, not for their caucus bosses. They must work with President Trump and Congressional Republicans to fix our healthcare system and replace the disastrous Obamacare once and for all.”


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