Maine GOP Releases Video Exposing Democrat “Opportunity Agenda” as a ‘massive spending & tax increase’ agenda

For Immediate Release: April 26, 2017
Contact: Nina McLaughlin, nina@mainegop.com ​ Maine GOP Releases Video Exposing Democrat “Opportunity Agenda” as a ‘massive spending & tax increase’ agendaHistory of revenue sharing increases shows Democrat Party “Agenda” would
lead to surge in property taxes, leave taxpayers holding both bags
AUGUSTA- Maine GOP released a new video today calling out the Maine Democrat Party “Opportunity Agenda” for claiming that it will provide “the largest property tax cut in Maine history.”

Maine GOP Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas highlighted the history of revenue sharing’s impact on property taxes and the fact that Democrats are making a false claim, “Democrats in Augusta claim that their plan would give Mainers the biggest property tax cut in history, but this is completely false. Increased revenue sharing has never corresponded to lower property tax rates. This video exposes that unfortunate truth. The data shows clearly that when revenue sharing sees a massive increase, increased property taxes are soon to follow. Sadly, Democrats are ignoring this history when making these false claims.”

“Further, Democrats in Augusta need to just come clean to the people of Maine about their property tax cut claims in general. Augusta Legislators have no vote on local property tax rates, and promising a property tax cut is plainly dishonest,” continued Dr. Kouzounas. 

The Opportunity Agenda is nothing more than a massive government spending increase which will cost taxpayers more at both the state and local level,” concluded Dr. Kouzounas. “The only historic thing about this Democrat proposal is that it is the largest government spending increase in Maine history, and the only opportunity it offers is an opportunity to return to the Baldacci era of rolling budget crises.” 

​Watch the video here:


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