Maine GOP Congratulates Mayor Macdonald On Re-Election As Lewiston Mayor

Macdonald’s win against overwhelming effort by Democrats shows strength of conservative policies, drift of Democrats from core beliefs of Maine voters
Republican win brings 2015 scorecard to GOP 3 – Dems 0

AUGUSTA – The Maine Republican Party tonight is congratulating Mayor Bob Macdonald on his victory in the Lewiston Mayor’s race.

“I offer my hearty congratulations to Mayor Macdonald,” said Maine GOP Chairman Rick Bennett. “Despite nearly one-hundred thousand dollars and the full force of a statewide political operation against him, Mayor Macdonald prevailed for the people of Lewiston.”
The Maine People’s Alliance, the political arm of the Maine Democratic Party, was known to have pulled out all the stops to support Macdonald’s opponent, who also raised nearly $100,000 for the effort.

“Tonight’s results should send a strong signal to Maine Democrat leadership – Lewiston is not for sale, and you are out of step with common-sense, mainstream views of Maine voters,” said Mr. Bennett.

After sweeping the special elections for the Maine Legislature in November, this victory in a Democratic stronghold completes the ‘hat-trick’ scenario Republicans focused on this year.

Democrats outnumber Republicans in Lewiston, Maine’s second largest city, by about 27 percentage points of overall registration. In Sanford, where Democrats lost one of their legislative seats in November, Democrats had a 14 point registration advantage.

“These results demonstrate that a smart approach and speaking to core issues of concern for voters far outweigh voter registration. Democrats have painted themselves into a corner with positions that only speak to a narrow extreme,” said Mr. Bennett. “Our political machine is prepared to keep gaining ground.”


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