Maine GOP Chairman: Clinton scandals

Chairman points to record of secrecy, Clinton’s recent email record scandal as reasons Maine people should reject her candidacy

Augusta- Maine Republican Party Chairman Rick Bennett released the following statement today in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s declaration that she will seek the Democrat nomination for President of the United States.

“Maine people, perhaps more than the people of any other state, strongly believe in transparency and accountability in government,” said Chairman Bennett. “Hillary Clinton’s record of scandal and secrecy, including her recent email scandal, is adverse to this inclination and the Maine tradition of honest government.”

“If Hillary Clinton had been in charge of a department of Maine State Government instead of working for the Obama administration, she would have been drummed out of office for the recent email scandal alone,” said Mr. Bennett. “Instead, Democrat leaders, including those in Maine, seem to be marching her toward a coronation to lead President Obama’s third term as President of the United States. In these difficult times, Maine people deserve and expect their candidates for President to be questioned and challenged to earn office, not crowned.”


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