Maine GOP Chairman Applauds Integrity of Republican-led Election Review Process

AUGUSTA – Maine Republican Party Chairman Hon. Rick Bennett released the following statement in light of the Republican-led committee’s findings on the Maine Senate District 25 election & recount.

“The most important thing in this process was that the committee should protect the integrity of Maine’s elections,” said Mr. Bennett. “I am pleased to say Republicans, by conducting a thorough, transparent investigation, have set the gold-standard here in Maine. Whether we won or lost, the most important thing, is that we got it right.”

“Congratulations to Cathy Breen, who will now represent the good people of Maine Senate District 25,” said Mr. Bennett.

“I applaud Senate President Thibodeau for his integrity in appointing this fine committee. Maine people will be well served with such an honest, forthright leader as Senate President Thibodeau leading the Maine Senate during the 127th Maine Legislature.”

“I applaud Senator Roger Katz for his leadership in directing this investigation. His diligence and openness  was an example to everyone involved,” continued Mr. Bennett.

“I thank our Republican team in Augusta, and around the state, for showing restraint as we waited for this investigation to be conducted. Unlike others, we did not make accusations of fraud, drag volunteers or candidates through the mud, or insinuate any wrongdoing with no evidence.  In the end, as expected, it was simple human error,” said Mr. Bennett.

In closing, Mr. Bennett held up Republican Cathy Manchester as a shining example of the best of what Maine Republicans are.

“Cathy Manchester is a great leader and represents the best of the Republican Party. She is a class act, who is humble in victory, and magnanimous in defeat. Her concerns that the clerks on Long Island and the State Police were vindicated by the committee’s findings came before her own,” said Mr. Bennett. “I am proud, as we should all be, of how Cathy Manchester represented the Maine Republican Party from the moment she decided to run through today.”


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