Maine GOP Chair on House Dems Defending Female Genital Mutilation


Maine GOP Chair on House Dems Defending Female Genital Mutilation

AUGUSTA – Today, upon Maine House Democrats voting down legislation to ban the inhumane practice of female genital mutilation, even after the Maine Senate voted to banish it, Maine Republican Party Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas, a mother and a grandmother, issued the following statement:

“Failing to stand up against brutal, physical violence against our girls, including using razor blades on them to remove parts of their body, is unconscionable and indefensible.

Let’s get our heads out of the sand–female genital mutilation happens, and we owe all our daughters in Maine our pledge that we will not let that happen to them here in Maine. 

It’s called drawing a real line in the sand. 

As a Maine mom and grandmom, I can say, over my dead body will I let this practice become accepted here in my home. 

When Democrats or the Maine People’s Alliance say female genital mutilation is already illegal, here’s what you need to know: When there are no consequences for breaking a law, the law is a joke–It’s meaningless. It’s like jay-walking. 

Are we supposed to wait until our girls are harmed for life before we make ourselves clear about our values? 

This legislation should have been a no-brainer and it should have been passed unanimously by the Maine House. Sadly, the radical Maine People’s Alliance has taken control of the Maine Democrat politicians who might have otherwise supported this commonsense legislation to protect our girls. 

For all the Democrat politician talk about standing up for women, this vote in the Maine House today reveals the hypocrites they have become. Defending torture of our girls is reprehensible and anyone who voted against this bill will have a hard time calling themselves a defender of women and children until they have apologized and taken action to change their ways. 

We Maine Republicans have a longstanding tradition of supporting gender equality. Mark my word, our defense of our girls is far from over. The Maine People’s Alliance and the Maine Democrat Party will never stop us from protecting them.”


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