Maine GOP Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas’ Statement on Sara Gideon Putting Campaigning Before Governing

AUGUSTA – Maine GOP Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas released the following statement regarding Speaker Sara Gideon saying her number one job is campaigning for Senate to advance her personal career:

“It’s clear that Sara Gideon views herself as a politician not a public servant. Mainers should be offended that their Speaker of the House feels that her most important job is campaigning, not fixing the many problems facing our state, all while she collects a salary paid by Maine taxpayer dollars.”

“If it wasn’t enough that Sara doesn’t take her actual job of serving the people of Maine seriously, her priority of advancing her own career over serving the Maine people has resulted in her focusing on traveling around the country schmoozing mega-donors instead of talking to Mainers in their communities.”

“For anyone that has been paying attention to Sara Gideon’s career in Augusta, it should come as no surprise that Sara feels her most important job is running for Senate. From using her corporate-funded PAC to promote her Senate race, to pushing an extreme national agenda here in Maine, to putting politics before people, it’s clear that Sara Gideon has viewed running for Senate to advance her personal career as her most important job for quite some time.”

“Mainers deserve a Senator whose number one concern is advocating for them in Washington, not traveling the country to meet liberal mega-donors for big campaign checks. They deserve a Senator who never misses a vote and views their public service as the most important job.

They deserve someone who votes their conscience over special interests. They deserve a true Stateswoman. They deserve Senator Susan Collins, not Sara Gideon.”



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