Maine GOP Applauds Ruling On Ranked Choice Voting

Costly system would have added unnecessary burdens and costs, violated spirit of
Maine’s elections & Maine Constitution as well as suppressing voter participation

AUGUSTA- The Maine Supreme Court ruled today that the Ranked-Choice Voting Act is in conflict with the Maine Constitution. 

Maine Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage shared his thoughts on the ruling, “once again we see that special interest driven ballot initiatives are not in the best interest of the Maine people and in this instance, not even Constitutional. This referendum sought to use the popular vote to override our Constitution and undermine the civic spirit and traditions of Maine’s elections.”

“I am pleased by this ruling, but disappointed in the resources that were wasted fighting faulty special interest driven legislation,” continued Mr. Savage. “While liberals in Augusta continue to use the ‘will of the voter’ via referendum as a justification for poorly designed or damaging laws, we believe it is the job of the Legislature to protect the Constitution, our economy, and the well-being of our people and systems of government.” 

“This decision renders useless the argument that referendums are an unimpeachable method of creating policy,” said Mr. Savage in conclusion.


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