Maine Dems Issue False Attacks On Women

For Immediate Release: 01/26/2017
Contact: Nina McLaughlin, nina@mainegop.com
Last week Maine Dems asked for protests against Senator Collins and Commissioner Mayhew 

​Leading up to the Women’s March last week, Maine Democrats proved that they don’t care about all women, only about their own progressive DNC issued agenda.

As expected, Maine Democrats have declared yet another Cabinet member chosen by President Trump to be unacceptable and continued to demand that progressives call Senator Collins’ office to complain, whilst citing no specific reasons for the calls. 

Additionally, and unusually, they have also focused on their own state.

Citing incorrect data from a misleading BDN article, they accused Commissioner Mayhew of “losing” 1.4 million in federal dollars for the Women, Infants, & Children program.
This is an incredible misrepresentation of the facts.

Commissioner Mayhew explains the truth, “Maine simply stopped moving forward with a significant technology change to convert the WIC coupon booklet, which is currently provided to clients, to an EBT-style card for WIC.  Federal requirements do not call for this until 2020.   There are 29 other states that have not yet converted to EBT cards for WIC.  Since DHHS suspended this project, the $1.4 million provided by the federal government to make the technological changes was returned and repurposed within the WIC program.   Maine remains eligible for federal funding to support future technology investments.

“There seems to be a letter-writing campaign based on an inaccurate characterization of the management of the WIC program by the Department, making claims that the Department has jeopardized WIC’s ability to provide food. Not only are these allegations completely wrong, it is also totally irresponsible for these entities to perpetuate falsehoods and make WIC recipients nervous about their secure food benefit.

“The WIC program is and will remain intact, and it will continue providing assistance to women and children. The federal funding to provide this service is not under threat.”

Maine GOP Director of Communications, Nina McLaughlin, offered her criticism on the Maine Democrat’s protests, “once again we see a party that is supposedly ‘for women’ launching a war on women. From attacking women with a more conservative perspective like Senator Collins, to a full-on attack based on mistruth with Commissioner Mayhew, I am beyond disappointed.”

Ms. McLaughlin continued, “The most disturbing part of this entire protest is that the Maine Democratic Party stooped so low as to prey on the fears of low income women and their families. This is disgusting and completely reprehensible. They should apologize to the women and families they intentionally misled.”


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