Ethically Challenged Diane Russell Announces Gubernatorial Campaign

For Immediate Release: August 10th, 2017
Contact: Nina McLaughlin, nina@mainegop.com

AUGUSTA- Maine Republican Party Chair Demi Kouzounas issued the following statement in response to Diane Russell announcing her candidacy for governor:

“Extreme Portland Liberal Diane Russell is the last person we need making decisions for Maine. 

“From her ethical challenges to her socialist political views, she is not cut out to represent anyone who lives outside of Portland. 

“Even more so, since she came in third in a three-way primary for State Senate it seems that even the people of Portland didn’t want to be represented by Diane Russell.

“Diane Russell is even proving how out of touch she is with her campaign logo portraying Maine as a fist. A fist does not represent the values of our state. Mainers are better represented by the open hands of caring communities than a socialist clenched fist. 

“We wish Diane Russell the best of luck in selling her socialist values to the people of Maine.”


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