Emily Cain Is Pro-National Park, Anti-Maine

AUGUSTA- In the Maine Sierran’s Spring 2016 Newsletter, Emily Cain voices her support for establishing a National Monument, though she qualifies her support by saying, “A legislative solution is always better because it involves more people in the process.” It is notable to point out that the Maine State House and Senate have already enacted a bill, which was signed by Governor LePage, known as LD 1600, “An Act Regarding Consent to Land Transfers to the Federal Government”, as a statement establishing that Mainers are against the federal government making Maine land a National Park or National Monument.

For a candidate who supports forestry and aims to “create new opportunities to help rural Maine’s economy thrive” Ms. Cain is once again showing her true colors and saying one thing but doing another. If Ms. Cain “feels strongly about honoring the concerns of the people in the Katahdin region” then why has she turned a blind eye to the pleas of the people she strives to represent? Perhaps Ms. Cain is unaware that Patten, East Millinocket and Medway have all voted in opposition to a National Monument and other towns have voiced concern over the possible land designation.

Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage added, “When towns have spoken against the monument and the state has voted against the land being given to the federal government, it is safe to say that the only people Emily Cain is truly interested in representing is southern Maine liberals and special interest groups.”


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