Emily Cain Admits She’s Only Had One Job: Politician

In her most recent mailer, Emily Cain cites her hardworking parents as inspiration for her work ethic. Inspired by her father and mother the mailer claims “Emily took the lessons learned from her parents and went to work”.

Except, by “work” what they actually mean is that Emily Cain became a part-time politician directly after college.

In fact, nowhere in this mailer does Ms. Cain reference having a job other than part time politician.

Ms. Cain has never actually had a job that wasn’t taxpayer funded. While many other legislators balance their public service with their careers, Ms. Cain sees being a politician as a career, straight from college.

Recently on social media there was a trending hashtag, #MyFirstSevenJobs.

While most Mainers can easily count at least seven jobs that they have worked in their life-span, it would seem that Ms. Cain is challenged to even recall even one job, except politician.

In a state filled with hardworking people, we need someone to represent us who actually understands what it is like to work a job or two. Jobs that are not funded on the backs of hard-working Maine people. Jobs that don’t always come with cushy taxpayer funded perks and 6-months off every year.

If Emily Cain could actually list #MyFirstSevenJobs on this mailer, maybe she wouldn’t see part time politician as a real job.

This is Emily Cain’s second attempt at scoring a congressional seat and a taxpayer funded paycheck, yet she is still clinging to her tired talking points from her unsuccessful 2014 campaign. We are happy to clear these up for you:

Emily Cain “worked with Governor LePage to cut taxes for Maine families and small businesses”

Emily Cain only voted for the cuts because of other tradeoffs. In fact, she is on record as saying “my caucus hates these tax cuts”.

“Opposed Trans-Pacific partnership from day one and never wavered”


Emily Cain has also endorsed Hillary Clinton for President from day one. It is well known that Hillary Clinton has boasted that TPP “sets the gold standard in trade agreements” before she flip-flopped her opinion in order to gain support from Bernie Sanders supporters. It is plausible that if asked in 2010 about TPP Ms. Cain would also have stood with President Obama and Hillary Clinton in support of the deal.

Emily Cain “Helped write a bipartisan balanced budget that saved nursing homes and protected seniors.”
Emily Cain promoted spending more tax dollars on welfare for able-bodied adults, leaving nursing homes underfunded.


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