Democrat Leader McCabe Responds To Governor LePage: “POS”


Here is what we know:

House Democrat Majority Leader Jeff McCabe took to Facebook to respond to Governor LePage’s State of the State Address, and posted three simple letters, “POS”.

Anyone familiar with the most common use of “POS” knows what it is usually meant to suggest.

​If you are not familiar, I apologize for Rep. McCabe’s vulgarity, but allow me to explain – in social media and text messaging parlance, POS means “piece of sh*!”.

However, now Rep. McCabe is backtracking to the press, saying he only meant it as referring to Governor LePage’s State of the State speech, not Governor LePage himself.

Either way, Rep. McCabe’s comment is vulgar and undignfied. Rep. McCabe’s response proves that Governor LePage was correct to not deliver this speech in person.

This is how Rep. McCabe and his Democrat colleagues truly feel, and act, toward Governor LePage all the time.

With that out of the way, I’d like to propose a compromise.

Rep. McCabe clearly knows that calling Governor LePage a “POS” on social media is not a helpful way to keep climbing the political ladder in Somerset County, where Governor LePage is very popular.

I also think Rep. McCabe’s claim about only meaning to refer to the speech as a POS is suspect. I think Rep. McCabe was more likely upset about the Governor’s use of the word “socialist” to describe Rep. McCabe and some of his colleagues.

You see, Rep. McCabe and a large number of his colleagues in the Legislature have endorsed self-described socialist Bernie Sanders for the Democrat Party nomination for President – so let’s just go with it.

From now on, POS should simply stand for Party OSocialists.
Unlike Rep. McCabe, we have no need to be vulgar.We have no need to insult anyone.

This might make Rep. McCabe angry. He might hurl more insults and vulgarities our way, because clearly he wants to embrace the socialist candidate and socialist policies, but he comes unhinged at the first sign of being called out.

But the way I see it, if you are going to support the socialist candidate your own party has put up for President of the United States, and you are going to embrace that candidate’s positions and beliefs, just own it. You have earned the label, and so has the new Democratic Party.
POS = Party OSocialists.

You can read the list of Maine Legislators who have endorsed and embraced socialism by clicking on this link. (Rep. McCabe is right there!)

You can read Governor LePage’s State of the State address by clicking this link.

I hope you are all staying safe and warm in this unsettled February weather.
March is coming soon, and with it, the Maine GOP Presidential Nominating Caucuses!

And no worries, we don’t have any socialists on the ballot on our side.

Jason Savage
Executive Director


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