Demi to Sara: “What are you afraid of?”


Demi to Sara: “What are you afraid of?”

AUGUSTA – Today, Maine Republican Party Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas is calling on the Democrat Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, Sara Gideon, to stand up to the Maine People’s Alliance and provide due process for Maine people who have a right to be informed about the big-money special interest group’s latest ‘citizen-initiative’ to raise taxes and weaken the economy.

Demi states:

“What went down last week is shameful. Shutting down debate and killing the Maine people’s ability to see what policy proposals would do to our future is not the Maine way.

The so-called ‘Maine People’s Alliance’ is bought and paid for by big out-of-state liberal special interest money, but sadly that money has also bought and paid for much of the Maine Democratic Party in recent years. 

Blocking a public hearing on a major public policy proposal that would have huge consequences for Maine’s future is just not right. 

This must not be allowed to stand. 

Today, I am calling on Sara to reconsider what she did and to allow our Maine citizens to hear all opinions on this proposal.

Speaker Gideon is a good woman, and deep down she must also know what she did last week was wrong. 

Sara and I are probably more similar than different. We both have families, we both have children, we both care deeply about Maine’s future. I even bet we both agree that making Maine famous for high taxes is not a winning plan for our great state!

We Republicans don’t believe we can tax our state into prosperity. Democrats and the Maine People’s Alliance think we can. Let’s debate it in front of everyone. 

This debate has been going on for ages, one way or another. But a serious debate is long overdue.

I think Sara is up to the task, but I have this question for her. ‘What are you afraid of?’ The Maine People’s Alliance? My guess is Sara is probably afraid of nothing. So please let a public conversation about this tax hike proposal happen. You are in a powerful position to do it. Let’s clear the air. We both know the people of Maine deserve it.

The ball is in your court, now, Sara.”

Last week, Speaker Gideon and Democrat leaders Rep. Erin Herbig and Rep. Jared Golden held open a floor vote until they could convince enough House Democrats to deny the Maine people the opportunity for a public hearing to vet the latest tax hike proposal being pushed by out-of-state special interests that control the Maine Democratic Party.


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