Collins Shines Again While Gideon Stumbles

The Maine Republican Party released the following statement following tonight’s U.S. Senate Debate:

“Once again, Senator Susan Collins showed why Maine needs her in the U.S. Senate,” said Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas. “Since she took office, Susan Collins has proven time and time again that nobody works harder for Mainers in D.C. than her. From Kittery to Fort Kent, to Eastport to Eustis, there isn’t a single town in the State of Maine that hasn’t been positively impacted by Senator Collins’ tireless work to better our state and our country.”

“While Gideon attempts to run from her abysmal record, including attempting to raise heating oil costs by 40 cents a gallon, a litany of ethics violationsdodging taxes, or protecting a fellow lawmaker accused of sexual abuse of a minor, Mainers know that Sara Gideon doesn’t have the integrity to be our Senator.”

“Senator Collins’ understanding of Maine and our people is unmatched, and while Sara Gideon regurgitates tired D.C. Democrat talking points, Collins has the unique ability to highlight and discuss the real issues facing Mainers. The winner of this race will not be the candidate with flashy TV ads and millions of out-of-state money pouring into their campaign, it will be Maine’s own Susan Collins, who has a proven track record of making Maine a better place.”


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