CCRC Chairman Eric Lusk calls on Councilor Emery to resign

PORTLAND- Cumberland County Republican Committee (CRCC) Chair Eric Lusk today is calling on Westbrook City Councilor Paul Emery to resign immediately in light of his absurd behavior on Tuesday night at a Democrat Party budget forum in Scarborough.
Emery stood to address the crowd and said the following about Governor LePage:

“If (LePage) goes to see his maker it wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit…”
“In some countries assassination is a political strategy,” (Emery continued) “but unfortunately not here.”

“Suggesting that assassination is ever appropriate is entirely unacceptable and he must resign immediately,” said Mr. Lusk. “Councilor Emery further revealed his lack of honesty and good judgment when he tried to deny making the comments and then stole the phone of the reporter who had recorded the comments. The people of Westbrook deserve better leaders than Councilor Emery.”

House Speaker Mark Eves (D-South Berwick) hosted the forum and afterwards condemned Emery’s shameful remarks, but did not stop Emery while he spoke in a room full of attendees at the Democrat event.

“While Republicans appreciate Eves’ condemnation of the remarks,” Lusk continued, “it is unfortunate than neither Speaker Eves or Senator Justin Alfond spoke up to stop Emery and set a better example for those in the room.”

Eric Lusk is the Chairman of the Cumberland County Republican Committee.
Cumberland County Republican Committee website: http://ccrcme.com/


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