(AUDIO) Rep. Tipping Uses Committee Position to Lobby

The Maine GOP has discovered audio of Rep. Ryan Tipping unabashedly admitting what we have alleged; he has been in violation of the Maine House of Representative’s Legislative Code of Ethics since last year.

The one thing Rep. Tipping forgot to mention in the audio is that by “helping with outreach for the campaign,” he meant getting paid to lobby his fellow legislators.
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Ryan Tipping: “There’s a lot of people who make that their mission, to stop minimum wage increases. We have had a few votes but it was really only the first one where there was strong debate, I think the rest were theater. Maybe those guys were getting paid per vote.”

Interviewer: So just on the Stand Up for Students Thing “We should take advantage of this” we have a member of the taxation committee and the education committee here on this taxation and education issue, maybe you guys can explain a little bit of what it is and what it does and what do you see the prospects for November.

Ryan Tipping: I’m actually helping with outreach for the campaign reaching out to elected officials and in municipalities. The reason why we are talking to them is because they are actually getting the blunt end of what’s been going on at the state house the last 6 or 8 years…


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