64% of Maine House Democrats Threatened to Shut down State Government

In budget negotiations, only group that has threatened to shut down state government is House Democrat coalition

AUGUSTA – The Maine Republican Party today is reminding Maine voters and the Maine media that the only group of lawmakers to threaten to shutdown state government in budget negotiations is a coalition of 48 Democrat House of Representatives members who signed a letter issuing certain demands before they would allow the budget to move forward.

“These Democrat House members represent 64% of the House Democrat caucus and with several “unenrolled” liberal lawmakers, 33% of the total membership of the Maine House. While a lot of people are seeking to place blame for the possibility of a shutdown, only one group has issued a credible threat to do so,” said Jason Savage, Executive Director of the Maine Republican Party.

“As leadership from all 4 caucuses and Governor LePage attempt to work their way through these budget negotiations, even meeting this morning,  this is a key element of negotiations to remember,” Savage continued, “While Republicans are trying to protect 11,000 Maine small businesses from a tax hike that puts their tax rate above large corporations, and ensuring more education funding leads to improved Maine schools, these House Democrats appear to be standing by their demands for the destructive small business tax and a more expensive status quo in Maine schools.

“If a shutdown happens, it will be due to the fact that these House Democrats refuse to work with Legislators and the Leadership team that is trying to negotiate a deal that protects small businesses and improves Maine’s schools. That is the real story here.”


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