Emily Cain Voted To Give Drivers Licenses To Illegal Immigrants

Happy Monday,

Question for you- do you think illegal immigrants should be able to get a Maine drivers license? Folks, it is important that we get real about how Emily Cain would vote in Washington D.C. if Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi’s liberal special interest groups succeed in electing her this November.

Case in point: In 2009, Emily Cain voted to repeal the requirement that people seeking a Maine state driver’s license or non-driver identification provide documentation that they are legally present in the United States.

Contrast this with Congressman Bruce Poliquin, who has stated repeatedly and unequivocally, that our nation’s immigration laws need to be enforced, and speaking out against actions that use precious taxpayer resources to benefit illegal immigrants.

​The difference is clear. Congressman Poliquin wants to enforce the law and protect Maine and America, while Emily Cain has a proven track record of wanting to reward illegal immigration and use precious Maine taxpayer resources to benefit illegal immigrants.
Our nation can’t afford Emily Cain’s extreme liberal views in Washington D.C.

​Please go here to find this statement on our website, and share it with your friends and family on social media. 

And if you are so inclined, please click here for a printable flyer with this information that you can pass out to neighbors, community members, and any person you think needs to be informed on the issues in this election.

Jason Savage
Executive Director, Maine GOP


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