Rep. Sawin Millett

House District 71
Norway, Sweden, Waterford and West Paris.

State Representative H. Sawin Millett, Jr. (R-Waterford) has been appointed to the 129th Maine Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs and will be serving as the Republican Lead on that committee for the fourth time. The Committee is among the most sought after legislative assignments, because it is charged with reviewing the new Governor’s two-year budget and recommending changes to the full Legislature. He will also serve on the Government Oversight Committee. 

“Maine is in the best financial position in decades, and our economy is still growing,” said Millett. “This includes record-high numbers of: employers, private-sector jobs, State revenues, and record-low unemployment. We must maintain these hard-won achievements for the sake of Maine and our children. A strong economy will continue to provide for our most vulnerable people and ensure our young people can have a future in Maine. The Legislature must be careful not to turn a surplus into debt, choke the economy, or unnecessarily burden taxpayers and families.”  

Rep. Millett, a farmer and former educator, was recently elected to represent District 71: Norway, Sweden, Waterford and West Paris. He previously served six terms in the Legislature (104-105th and 121-124th) and has a lengthy public service career. 

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