Rep. Gary Drinkwater

House District 121
Alton, Argyle Township, Corinth, Hudson and Milford.

STATEHOUSE – Rep. Gary Drinkwater (R-Milford) is pleased to announce that he will begin his first term assigned to the Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs. The committee is among the most important legislative assignments, because its’ jurisdiction includes: school finance, curriculum, special education and child development services, career and technical education and Maine’s University System.

Reached for comment, Representative Drinkwater believes it is important to share services such as Special Education, Payroll, and other services so that more funds can flow into the classroom. “One of the reasons why I’m excited to serve on this committee is because of the importance of educating our next generation of Mainers. I think there is a lot we can do in the next two years to keep successful programs going strong, and to make improvements where necessary,” said Drinkwater.  

The committee will be responsible with reviewing all new bills relating to the Department of Education; State Board of Education; school finance, governance and administration; school budgets; school facilities; curriculum, instruction and assessment; teachers and administrators; special education and child development services; education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students; career and technical education; charter schools, alternative education, school choice and home schooling; school district reorganization; online learning; student health, nutrition and safety; truancy and dropouts; educational services at juvenile correctional facilities; adult education; Maine Education Policy Research Institute; University of Maine System; Maine Community College System; Maine Maritime Academy; postsecondary education finance and governance; and the Maine State Library.

Regarding cultural affairs bill, the committee will also have oversight over the Maine Arts Commission, Maine State Museum, Maine Historical Society, Maine Historic Preservation Commission, Maine Humanities Council and Maine Public, formerly known as Maine Public Broadcasting.

Rep. Drinkwater began committee work in January, and plans to provide regular communication to his constituents on bills he will introduce this session. 

Representative Drinkwater represents House District 121, which includes the towns of Alton, Argyle Township, Corinth, Hudson and Milford.

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