UPDATE: Process to protect RCV signatures begins today


In the interest of keeping you informed, today our team is scheduled to begin scanning petitions at the Secretary of State’s office in order to mount the challenge to ensure thousands of signatures of registered Maine voters that were certified by their town clerks are counted toward our Repeal RCV effort.

Unfortunately, this process has been delayed by the Secretary of State, but we anticipate that if we can get them scanned and reviewed today, we will have time to do the proper review before the deadline.

Under state law, we have ten days to file a legal challenge to ensure these signatures are counted. The Secretary of State made his decision last Wednesday at 5PM, providing us no advanced notice.

That same evening we said we wanted to get in and scan the signatures.

Here we are.

While the state has wasted tens of thousands of dollars on other processes, we have been waiting and assembling our team.

I just wanted you to know what is going on now, and to assure you we are going to fight to see that these certified signatures that were thrown out by Secretary of State Dunlap are counted.

That process, while delayed, begins today.

Thank you for your support.


Doctor Demi Kouzounas
Maine GOP  



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