Taxpayer-funded abortions are back

They’re at it again! Taxpayer funded abortions are on the horizon, brought to you courtesy of Janet Mills and 79 Democrats in the Maine Legislature!

Fellow Republicans,

Earlier this year you rose up and said NO to your tax dollars paying for abortions in a bill
sponsored by Rep. Lois Reckitt-D of South Portland. Rep. Reckitt pulled that bill, but guess what?

It wasn’t because you said no – it was because a bill that is even worse and goes much further, was in the shadows, waiting to make it’s appearance.

On Wednesday, March 28th at 1:00 pm there will be a public hearing in the Joint Standing
Committee on Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services for LD 820 “An Act to Prevent Discrimination in Public and Private Insurance Coverage for Pregnant Women in Maine.”

LD 820, sponsored by Rep. McCreight of Harpswell, and co-sponsored by 78 Democrats in the Maine State Legislature, is not only asking you to pay for elective abortion services with 100 percent state funding through Maine’s Medicaid program, they are also trying to mandate that all private insurance policies cover abortions.

The bill is Orwellian – they say they are ‘preventing discrimination’ but this has nothing to do with discrimination. It has everything to do with Janet Mills and her allies owing Planned Parenthood a major political debt for all the funding and support that put them in office.

The bill’s discrimination argument is so complex, and so contrived, no common sense Mainer could buy what Janet Mills and the bill’s sponsors are selling.

Not only will this proposal add costs and drive your insurance premiums even higher, but is also in violation of the federal government’s Hyde Amendment. They’re coming after your tax dollars to pay for abortion two different ways, both expensive and one in violation of the federal law that protects the moral conscience of our nation.

As the Ranking Republican member of the Health and Human Services Committee for the last six years, I’ve worked hard to find funding for Maine’s seniors, children and disabled.

Maine nursing homes and assisted living facilities are on the edge of closure, thousands of
disabled people are stuck on a waiting list for vital services, and children aging out of the school system, are being added to those lists every single year.

Prioritizing Maine’s most vulnerable and providing vital services is where we should be putting more funding, NOT taxpayer funding for abortions.

I ask you to please reach out the members of the Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee.

Tell them NO, you do not want your money paying for abortions under Medicaid.

Tell them NO, your do not want your private health insurance premiums to increase in order
to cover this mandate.

We need your help! Raise your voices and be heard. Push back against the insanity being
pushed by liberal Democrats with Janet Mills in Augusta.

Unless they hear from you directly, they take your silence for consent!

You can send each member of the committee an email or better yet…call them directly. Take
it from me, as a previous legislator, an email is much easier to ignore than a phone call and ignore you they will do. Reach out!! Committee members can be found here:

And, don’t stop there! Reach out to your local legislators. Their contact information can be
found here:

Find your local Senator:

Find your local Representative:

Reach out! Speak out! Tell Maine Democrat lawmakers NO.

There will also be an opportunity to testify to the committee on Wednesday, and if you are so
inclined to come stand up for your principles in person, please email me and I will connect you with someone who can help with what you need.

Last week Gov. Mills’ ‘abortion without doctors’ showed us Democrats no longer believe in
just ‘safe, rare and legal’ abortions. Next week, they will prove that their old talking point about ‘no government interference’ has been replaced with ‘100% government funded’ and only you, along with hundreds of others, can stop it.

Hon. Deb Sanderson


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