Statement on new Dem push for more toll booths, gas tax increase

AUGUSTA – The Maine GOP is calling for Democrats to stand down in their continued push to drive up costs for Maine drivers through increased gas taxes and now the idea of adding toll booths across Maine. The toll booth idea has been floating around Augusta and is confirmed in this video.

“Maine’s working people are trying so hard to get ahead,” said Maine GOP Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas. “Time and again, Democrats are pushing to drive up the cost for Mainers to get to work or take care of their family just as we told voters they would. Earlier this year, Democrats tried to raise gas and heating oil taxes by as much as 40 cents per gallon. Now Mainers are facing gas tax increases on two fronts plus the expansion of toll booths.”

“These tax increase proposals from Democrats are never-ending. The state has revenue to fix our roads but Democrats just want to spend that money elsewhere. Governor Janet Mills even canceled road work last year and spent surplus on her other favored projects.”

“Maine already has the third highest tax burden in the nation. If you’re a Mainer who thinks the state should move some of the existing revenue we have into fixing our roads instead of spending it on special interest giveaways and runaway welfare spending, like giving non-citizens welfare, call the Maine House at (207) 287-1400 and Maine Senate at (207) 287-1540 and tell them how you feel,” said Dr. Kouzounas.

“Enough is enough. Hard-working Mainers shouldn’t be forced to choose between a tax hike or having their cars damaged on terrible roads because Janet Mills and Sara Gideon want to blow your tax money on special interest projects.”


Senator Bill Diamond’s suggestion during an episode of the TV show “The Maine Event” that a special transportation funding committee should consider adding tolls across Maine’s highways on top of a gas tax increase, when combined with Janet Mills’ decision to participate in the Transportation and Climate Initiative process, puts Maine drivers in the crosshairs of a crushing increase in their transportation costs.

This could result in two gas tax increases plus additional toll booth costs in one legislative session in Maine – already one of the nation’s most rural states with the nation’s third highest tax burden according to Wallethub.

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