Shady Sara Gideon literally banking in K Street “lobbyist haven” while her opponents bank in Maine

While her opponents bank in Maine, Gideon is stockpiling cash in the haven of lobbyists & political elites in Washington D.C.

WASHINGTON D.C. – Speaker Sara Gideon has run numerous ads that falsely imply she is an opponent of corporate contributions despite the fact that her state PAC literally fed on corporate contributions for years. Gideon has tried to claim she’s all about Maine and Maine people, but a look at Gideon’s campaign infrastructure shows she clearly is not. It’s just another piece of evidence that Shady Sara Gideon’s priorities are not what she claims they are.

Sara Gideon’s official campaign bank is Amalgamated Bank, 1825 K Street SW, Washington D.C.

Senator Susan Collins is banking with Bangor Savings Bank.

Betsy Sweet, who is running against Sara Gideon in the Democratic primary, is banking with Kennebec Savings Bank.

Additionally, Sara Gideon’s official “Custodian of Records” is just a few miles away from her K-Street bank in D.C.

Planned Parenthood banks with Amalgamated Bank. So do Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

“Sara Gideon is parking her money on K Street and counting on the Washington D.C. insiders to tell her how to spend it. While Sara Gideon is banking on K Street, her opponents are banking in Maine,” said Jason Savage, executive director of the Maine GOP.

“Sara Gideon’s ads might say one thing, but her actions tell the truth. Sara Gideon’s donors are literally sending their money to K Street in Washington D.C. While it’s probably easier for Chuck Schumer and his operatives to make deposits to Sara’s account in D.C., what does it say that she’s the only candidate in the field that doesn’t bank in Maine?” asked Savage.


This morning, the Maine GOP released the graphic above on Facebook asking why Maine banks are not good enough for Sara Gideon. Click here to view or share it.


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