Rep. Poliquin today on illegal immigration, Democrats’ government shutdown, and the FISA memo

We wanted to share this interview Congressman Bruce Poliquin had this morning with Ray Richardson on a range of issues.

Here is the full Interview: http://wlobradio.com/index.php/2018/01/24/01-24-18-rep-bruce-poliquin/

Below are some excerpts.

On Senate Democrats’ government shutdown to give amnesty to illegal immigrants:
“[Schumer and Senate Democrats] didn’t get anything. It was the silliest thing I’ve ever seen…absolutely crazy. What [Schumer] tried to do is throw in immigration stuff and give amnesty to a bunch of people that are here illegally and we just absolutely stuck to our guns, did not bend one inch, and in the end he caved.”

On border security, immigration and DACA:
“I’ve said this publicly a number of times Ray, and I will tell you, the Republicans in the House where I sit, I’m not in the Senate, I’m in the House of Representatives as you know, are very clear. Number one, we must have border security. There is absolutely no path going forward for a deal unless we secure our border. Now, I’m dead serious about this… There is plenty of opportunity to have a very substantial wall, which I support.”

“Second of all, we’ve got to end this crazy random visa lottery. You pick their name out of a hat, and regardless of their merit they can come to America. And then what happens is the chain migration they can pull in dozens and dozens of very distant relatives, and we’ve got a real problem. You remember back this past fall folks where this terrorist rented a truck in New Jersey, drove it to New York City, to Manhattan, and I think it was on a Sunday morning or afternoon, mowed down, you know, folks who were jogging and riding bikes, well, his relative got into the country, if I’m not mistaken, through the lottery, and he was pulled in through chain migration. (unintelligible cross-talk). We’ve got to stop this. It’s got to be part of any deal, then we deal with the kids.”

“Well it also would be fair to American workers Ray because we don’t want American jobs going to folks that are non-citizens.”

To read more about Congressman Poliquin’s opposition to amnesty, support for securing our borders, and strengthening immigration enforcement, click here.

On the FISA Memo topic, should it be released?
“Absolutely. And I’ve come out publicly four or five times on talk radio and what have you… I believe the American people should read this. Serious stuff.”
“Absolutely should be released.” Bruce goes on to describe the release process. “Every American should read this.”


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