Rep. Jared Golden blows off concerns about effort to give away Maine’s electoral college votes

AUGUSTA – The Maine GOP is calling out Congressman Jared Golden for blowing off concerns being expressed by thousands of people in Mainers about efforts in the Maine Legislature to give away Maine’s Electoral College votes.

“Rep. Jared Golden’s response to constituent concerns about losing their voice in is dismissive, arrogant, and lacks leadership or empathy for the people he is supposed to represent. While Mainers are watching Rep. Golden’s allies in the Maine Legislature weaken our voice and our votes, his response is basically to say he’s not concerned about it,” said Jason Savage, executive director of the Maine GOP.

Maine has a proud tradition of standing out among states, including the state’s ability to split our electoral college votes by Congressional District. Currently, the Maine Legislature is moving toward entering a multi-state agreement to give Maine’s electoral college votes to the winner of the national popular vote, no matter how poorly that candidate performs in Maine.

“Mainers have unique needs in the national conversation. We are a rural state with strong, honest and independent people. We have industries, such as fishing, forestry and farming, which make us unique and require us to consider our votes carefully. Rep. Golden is ignoring all of this by blowing off concerns about this bill,” said Mr. Savage.

“Rep. Golden is putting partisanship over the people of his district by ignoring this issue and turning a blind eye while the votes of Maine’s Second District residents are weakened or stolen by his buddies in Augusta. What a shame.”

Below is a screenshot showing how Rep. Golden used a reporter to blow off concerns about the effort to give away Maine’s electoral college votes.


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