RCV: Two Weeks (at least) to count ballots

It is right there in black and white. (Click here to see it)

Ranked-choice voting is so complicated, it is going to be at least two weeks until Maine voters know who won our primary elections.

The whole impending mess is going to be so complicated that the Maine Ethics Commission is working on rules to define how candidates would campaign when they don’t know if they have won or not.

They are also writing rules to guide the spending of campaign funds on legal challenges and litigation.

This is where we are my fellow Republicans. 

Two weeks or longer to figure out who won an election. Campaigns planning to campaign after the primary because they don’t know if they won or lost. New rules in place because lawsuits are practically inevitable.

Rules proposed for the spending and litigation aspects of this complicated mess before the rules for the actual ranked-choice voting process are even proposed.

Weeks of litigation, uncertainty and drama imminent.

Weeks of candidates who don’t know if they won or lost trying to continue their campaigns.

Weeks of confusion for voters and humiliation for Mainers on the national stage.

Ranked-Choice Voting supporters told voters this was a better system. It’s not. It’s a messier, more expensive and confusing system.

Go here to tell your elected officials how you feel about this.

Jason Savage
Executive Director
Maine Republican Party


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