President Trump Leads. Biden rushes to bailout criminals.

This past week, while many peaceful protesters took to the streets in cities across the country, they were unfortunately joined by rioters who set countless fires and looted small businesses in town after town. But as Americans begin to assess the damage and work to restore their communities from the shambles they were left in, President Trump and Joe Biden’s response to the riots have been vastly different. 

Joe Biden’s campaign staff joined Hollywood celebrities  to donate money to the Minnesota Freedom Fund – a donation pool dedicated to posting bail for the very people arrested and responsible for the destruction of the city. 

Meanwhile, it took Joe Biden TWO DAYS to respond to the rioting across the country with a call to end the violence.

On the other hand, President Trump has continued to offer his administration’s full support to state and local leaders.

President Trump recognized early on that the rioters used the peaceful protests as a means to destroy American cities. That’s why the president ordered the Pentagon to ready military police units to ensure that soldiers were ready to be deployed to cities like Minneapolis – telling reporters, “We can have troops on the ground very quickly, if they ever want our military.”  

More so, the president stood firmly behind Attorney General Bill Barr who announced over the weekend that, “the Department of Justice, including the FBI, the U.S. Marshall, the ATF, the DEA, and our 93 U.S. Attorney’s offices around the country” were supporting local efforts and would enforce federal law – which includes prosecuting those who cross state lines or use the interstate as a means to spread violence.  

Furthermore, during the president’s speech at the Kennedy Space Center, he reaffirmed his commitment to peaceful protesting, while ensuring that George Floyd’s family would receive justice.

Bottom Line: Amidst the countless Americans who wished to protest peacefully across the country, Joe Biden’s campaign staff joined members of the Hollywood elite to instead support the criminals, looters and arsonists destroying businesses and setting fire to cities around the country. All the while, Sara Gideon and Jared Golden have remained silent on whether or not they agree with the Biden campaign’s efforts to support rioters. President Trump continues to offer the full force of his administration to states in need. Americans will remember who fought for their city and who didn’t when they head to the ballot box in November.



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