President Trump Calls For Law And Order, As Democrats, Media Turn Blind Eye To Looting And Violence

President Trump has stepped up to the plate to demand law and order as our nation’s cities are lit ablaze and looted while simultaneously working to bring justice to the family of George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis.

The president has also pledged to protect peaceful protesters and has sworn to send in the military if governors fail to take the necessary steps to stop the destruction of property.

Meanwhile, the Democrats and their media allies have turned a blind eye to the lawlessness and made excuses for the anarchists, Antifa members, and arsonists who are at the hand of violence in American cities. Joe Biden’s staff even donated to groups that help pay bail money for those who are arrested.

BOTTOM LINE: President Trump’s record shows he is tough on crime while Joe Biden and the Democrats allow cities, who were already feeling the aftershocks of the coronavirus pandemic, burn to the ground.

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