Praise Keeps Pouring In For President Trump’s Handling Of Coronavirus

As President Trump continues to deliver results to the American people, praises from both sides of the aisle are pouring in.

Last week, President Trump tied his personal best approval rating as the majority of Americans agree with how he has handled the nationwide pandemic. To top it off, the CARES Act has been hailed as successful and an essential lifeline to restart the economy when the time is right.

In addition to providing essential relief and a stimulus package, he has also been a champion for the healthcare heroes who have been on the frontlines battling coronavirus, providing $100 billion in crucial support to ensure all patients are taken care of.

BOTTOM LINE: President Trump’s leadership has been undeniably successful in ensuring our economy will recover, our hospitals and healthcare facilities are providing the best care possible to their patients, and lifting the American spirits to get through this together. 

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