MEA Union Boss Tries To Spark Confrontation With Governor

In wake of violence, union boss urges surprise late night confrontation

Maine Republican Party Executive Director Jason Savage Issued the following statement in response to MEA Union Boss John Kosinski’s Facebook post the evening of 6/28/17:

“In the wake of a hyper-partisan attack on Republican Congressional members in Washington D.C., it is in exceptionally poor taste and even more, dangerous, for MEA Union boss John Kosinski to post when the Governor’s plane arrived back to Portland after his trip to Washington D.C. 

Kosinski’s post is meant to incite confrontation between liberal activists and the Governor of Maine​ in an uncontrolled environment. 

This seems to be the common tactic for liberal leaders across the country right now, use exaggerated claims to provoke anger and rage. It is no wonder GOP offices have been burned down, Republicans assaulted at rallies, and a Congressman shot. The new liberal tactic is violence. 

We absolutely do not approve of this, and if anything we hope it encourages Republicans and all Mainers to stand strong in the face of hyper-partisanship and these bullies. 

Mainers are independent people who embrace the concept of “do no harm”. Kosinski’s dangerous rhetoric has no place in our state.

We will pass a budget that protects the Maine economy and improves our schools. 

Even if you show up with rocks.”

The post can be viewed below:


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