Maine GOP executive director discusses efforts to provide tax relief to middle class Mainers and small businesses

This morning on WVOM’s George Hale Ric Tyler Show, Maine Republican Party executive director Jason Savage praised Senator Collins for moving forward the middle class and small business tax relief efforts, and emphasized the benefits for working Mainers.

Some excerpts of Savage’s interview below, followed by a link to the interview.

I think that any time somebody is willing to stand up and do something good for the average hard-working people then there are going to be special interest groups that will show up and protest… I think that’s what Senator Collins was up against, but she made the right choice and she stood up for the middle class Maine people, small businesses, bigger paychecks, better jobs–and we’re really happy about that. 

The vast majority of individual taxpayers are going to get a significant tax cut… [For] the average family it’s about $2,200 a year less in taxes…

The overall growth environment that we will see is going to be tremendous. I have no doubt about that. When you combine these two different forms of tax relief, the average American worker is going to have greater opportunity for a bigger paycheck, new workers will have better job opportunities, everybody who works and has payroll will pay less in taxes… I think that’s a big win for the people of the United States…

If there’s one priority these elected officials should have, it should be the middle class. They should be the ones getting the benefit of this.

Click here to listen to Savage’s full interview on WVOM.


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