Maine GOP Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas’ Statement on Democrats Calls to Impeach President Trump

AUGUSTA – Maine GOP Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas released the following statement on the Democrats calls to impeach President Trump:

“Another day, another witch hunt in Washington, D.C.” said Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas. “After coming up empty with their Russian collusion delusion, Democrats have moved to a phony Ukrainian scandal that is light on details.”

“As Joe Biden and the rest of the 2020 Democrat Presidential field flounders on the national stage, D.C. Democrats are shifting their focus back to hoaxes and smear campaigns in the hopes that something sticks.”

“Instead of answering questions regarding Biden’s own allegations of abuse of power including why a corrupt Ukrainian company paid his son $50,000 a month to lobby the Obama-Biden administration, and why Biden threatened the Ukrainians if they failed to fire a prosecutor investigating the company, he and the Democrats leaders are instead inventing a new Trump controversy to distract from the real issue.”

“Time and time again, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats have stopped working for the American people and have instead focused their energy on obsessing over erroneous scandals and baseless claims. Tomorrow, President Trump will be releasing the transcript of his call with President Zelensky and will once again show that these impeachment inquiries are nothing but a distraction.”

“It will be incredibly interesting to see where back-bench Democrats like Jared Golden fall on this issue. Will Golden echo the voice of his constituents who support our President, or will he cave to the pressure of Nancy Pelosi and the DC Democrat elites?”



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